DBC Manifesto: 4) Transform Dyslexia

Change meaning of dyslexia

We believe that the social construct of dyslexia will become meaningless if large numbers of ‘dyslexic’ people reconceptualise dyslexia to exist externally to themselves and overcome their experience of dyslexia difficulties.

DBC Manifesto: point 4

What do you think of this point of the DBC Manifesto? (Link opens in a new tab).

Does it make sense?

Does it mean anything?

Do you agree or disagree with this point?

Thank you in advance for any comments that you make.

Antonio 🙂

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DBC Manifesto

The purpose of DBC having a Dyslexia Manifesto is to share, in broad brushstroke terms, what our beliefs, values, and philosophical thinking is about dyslexia. I think in a way it expresses our mission and our vision too. Perhaps I need to add a section on the DBC website to state what these are.

DBC Manifesto: 6) Change Society

We believe that, once the label dyslexia becomes meaningless and the methods used to teach people to read and write become fully inclusive, people who would have been labelled as dyslexic will not experience stigma, oppressive attitudes, and discrimination in education and in society.

DBC Manifesto: 5) Reform Practice

We believe that all people who are strongly orientated to express themselves through natural mediums of expression such as art, dance, music, physical movement, etc., can invent their own unique methods to learn to use the artificial medium of expression, written language. So why label a person as ‘dyslexic’?

DBC Manifesto: 3) Overcome Dyslexia

We believe that everyone can learn the skills needed to use the artificial medium of expression, written language. We also believe that ‘secondary difficulties’ associated with dyslexia such as difficulties with memory, organisation, prioritising tasks, etc., can be overcome through improvement in skills

DBC Manifesto: 7) Change World

How wonderful would it be if all people were supported and encouraged to develop their preferred and non-preferred natural mediums of expression rather than being forced to switch them off by a world that places great emphasis on the use of the artificial medium of expression, written language.


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