Dyslexic Brain Fu

To keep you entertained and motivated as you move through the process of externalising your dyslexia (i.e. so that you no longer view dyslexia to be part of our genetic makeup), I have created Dyslexic Brain Fu for you (and all of us) to play.

I’m still developing Dyslexic Brain Fu, so please bear with me over the coming weeks and months as it all hopefully comes together. 

At the moment, we have nine different ranks that are represented by different coloured belts, ranging from White Belt to Black Belt. (You were automatically awarded a White Belt when you became a member of the Dyslexic Brain Coach community). 

To move through the belts on you way to becoming a Black Belt, you have to complete a number of tasks such as adding comments to the News Feed, contributing to discussions in the Forum, take some Dyslexic Brain Fu courses (coming soon!) and, supporting fellow members with their growth and development, etc. 

I’ll keep you posted on developments as we move forward. 

I hope you enjoy Dyslexic Brain Fu! 


P.S. Please get in contact with me if you have any ideas or suggests on how we might be able to improve and develop Dyslexic Brain Fu – thank you in advance.