Dyslexia Coaching Session with Joby (1 hour session)

£60.00 60 minutes


Dyslexia Coaching Session 

If you are struggling to overcome a specific dyslexia difficulty such as mastering your writing skills, reading skills, presentation skills, organisational skills, then you are in the right place.


Please read the following four points before booking a coaching session:

  1. At Dyslexic Brain Coach (DBC) we are guided by our Ethical and Values Policy to ensure that all members of the DBC Team strive to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reasons. We believe that it is unethical to try and sell coaching to a person before she/he has tried to bring about the changes she/he is looking to make using a self-coaching approach. So, before booking a Dyslexia Coaching Session with Joby, please try and bring about the changes that you want to make using self-coaching skills. If, after you have done this, you feel like you need a Dyslexia Coaching Session, then hit the button below!
  2. Please check Joby’s availability before booking your coaching session by sending him a private message (click in the Members tab in the sidebar, search for Joby, and click on the envelope icon next to his photo).
  3. If you are on a low income and would find it a bit tricky to pay the full amount for a coaching session, then please let Joby know this, and he will send you a discount coupon that you can use at checkout. We will always put you before our bank balance!
  4. One-to-One Dyslexia Coaching Sessions are delivered via Zoom.


About the Dyslexia Coaching Session

In a typical One-to-One Dyslexia Coaching Session with Joby*, he will support you to:

  • Explore what you are experiencing right now with the dyslexia difficulty and what you can and can’t do because of it. (For example, does the dyslexia difficulty help or hinder you to achieve what you want to achieve)
  • Play a quick warm up game.
  • Explore how the dyslexia difficulty influences your thinking and your feelings.
  • Explore how the dyslexia difficulty would be if you could wave a magic wand to change it.
  • Explore how much change you would like to have made by the end of the coaching session.
  • Describe what you have done in the past to change the dyslexia difficulty.
  • Create an Action Plan to try and bring about the change you would like to make to the dyslexia difficulty. A typical Action Plan will have Action Points (these are your mini goals that will ideally bring you closer to the change you are looking for), Action Strategy (what you will do to try and achieve your Action Points), Actual Outcomes (what you achieved whilst trying to reach your Action Points).
  • Set some ‘Self-Coaching Homework’ for you to do after the session.
  • Play a quick cool down game.
  • Evaluate the Dyslexia Coaching Session.
  • Decide if you would benefit from another coaching session.**

After the session, Joby will send you details to the Coaching Portal that he will have created for you.***


Please read the notes below before booking a coaching session

*The structure of One-to-One Dyslexia Coaching Session may vary to meet the needs of each client.

**A measure of a good coach is that she/he puts themselves ‘out of work’ with the client as soon as possible. A good coach will assist you to develop your self-coaching skills so that you are able to coach yourself to achieve your realistic (and sometimes not so realistic) goals in education and/or in life!

***The notes from your Dyslexia Coaching Session will be added to the ‘Discussion’ section in your Coaching Portal and marked ‘Dyslexia Coaching Session (along with the date)’. The notes will include the Action Plan that you created in the coaching session. The Portal is private and only you, Joby, and Dr. Antonio (the founder of Dyslexic Brain Coach) or another member of the DBC Team, will be able to access it. The reason that Dr. Antonio or another member of the DBC Team can access your Portal is to ensure that the highest quality of coaching is being delivered by all our Dyslexia and Skills Coaches. Please note that you can ‘opt’ out of receiving a Coaching Portal.


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